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F1: The Hamilton/Verstappen controversy is far from over

Mercedes Formula One Team has asked the FIA for a 'Right of Review' over Championship Leader Max Verstappen's driving at the Brazilian GP following the release of new on-board footage from the Dutchman's car.


Lewis Hamilton stormed through the grid on Saturday and Sunday after facing disqualification and a grid penalty to win the Brazilian GP and reduce the points gap to Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

However, the two title contenders clashed again during the race on Lap 48 when trying to overtake the Red Bull, Hamilton was forced off track. Verstappen was defending heading into Turn 4 and both drivers went into the corner near enough side-by-side before both took to the run-off area before re-joining the track.

IN PURSUIT: Hamilton charged through the field and hunted down Verstappen who had to relinquish his lead after the Brit made an overtake stick

The Dutchman remained ahead until Hamilton finally made the move stick after three attempts but Mercedes were not happy with the Steward's outcome. Immediately after the near-collision the Stewards looked into the incident and determined that there was no investigation necessary having looked at all the available footage.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mercedes announced they wanted the incident looked at again, revealing that they were seeking a 'Right of Review'.

This decision to seek the 'Right of Review' comes after the revelation that race control had not had access to the forward facing onboard camera from Verstappen’s car when the Stewards made their decision.

This camera angle was made public on Tuesday afternoon.

"I've always been very diplomatic in how I discuss things. But diplomacy has ended today."
Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff

The stewards will now meet with representatives from the team to assess the new evidence.

If the new on-board footage shows that Verstappen was more at fault, it could lead to a time penalty given to the Dutchman for the Brazil race or face a possible grid-drop ahead of the next race in Qatar.


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