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Rhonan Colquhoun

My passion for writing branched from my love of Motorsport. As an avid viewer of the spectacle, I realised during my teenage years that there could be a possibility that I could turn my hobby into a professional job in the industry.

I started my own online blog when I was just 15 years old - writing constantly about Formula One and what was developing in that year's championship. I was now on the trajectory of becoming an aspiring Journalist.

Going through school and attending College, studying Journalism, my writing has progressed and my broad knowledge of Journalism has expanded but one thing is still certain - I still want to become a Motorsport Journalist. This website showcases my work, passion and drive to achieve my dream.

Past Work Experience

2019 - 2021

2017 - 2021

Dunoon Observer
2016 - 2017

During College, I contributed to City of Glasgow's Journalism website which was run by students. As well as working towards my HND, I wrote articles, attended meetings, sub-edited articles, took part in editorial discussions and played a key role in the website.

After my work experience with my local Newspaper, I wanted to get my articles seen by more people. My blog on WordPress was going well but I wanted to be part of a team who focused soley on Motorsport. I wrote articles, help manage the website, live reporting via social media and contributed to discussions with the editorial team.

During the middle of High School, I jumped at the chance of taking work experience with my local Newspaper. For a day a week for six months, I learned how a local Newspaper operated, the importance of local Journalism and the basics of the Industry. My first article was published on the 16th of February 2016 and following that, an article a week with my name attached to it became a common occurance.

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