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News-writing: Library Interview

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Due to the City of Glasgow’s excellent college facilities, the popular library caters for all of the student’s needs but wants to play more of a part in the college community.

Having worked in the library for nearly 14 years, Information Literacy Librarian, Claire Roberts has seen the library change over the years.

Roberts said: “It’s been a long time since libraries were just about books.”

As well as having a range and variety of books and journals, the library, split over three floors, has access to laptops and an abundance of space in which students make the most of.

Although the use of the borrowing books is low, the use of computers/laptops and the space for students are some of the more commonly used by students.

Being part of such a large building, it’s easy for first-time students and even the library to be lost and it’s the latter in which the library wants to be more of a part of.

Robert’s said: “I could say we could play more of a part in the college community and to be asked to more events to promote the library and it’s uses.”

The library employs around 18 to 19 people between the two Glasgow colleges – the Riverside campus and main Cathedral campus – which includes full time, term time and staff covering holidays.

Across the UK and Scotland in particular, libraries are being shut down due to them being inactive and while Claire is aware of this, she remains hopeful that the library in the college’s will still be in use come the next 10 years.

Robert’s said: “That’s a very tricky question because the nature of college is changing.”

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