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News-writing: Charity Interview

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Barnardo’s is a well- established charity that has been providing help and advice to vulnerable children over than 150 years but is in need of more volunteers to help out.

One of the biggest UK charities, Barnardo’s main head office is based in Reading but has smaller head office branches across the country in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Currently, there is around 10,000 shop volunteers in 700 shops but is in need of desperate help.

One of the biggest challenges that the charities faces is the lack of volunteers. Manager for Argyll Street for over 10 years, Alison Cameron’s quick one-word answer of “volunteers” followed by a small chuckle shows how much constraint the charity is under.

One of Cameron’s main reasons for joining the charity and taking such a role in making sure that vulnerable children are helped was due to her being a “whole-hearted person.”

Cameron said: “Everyone’s been a child and everyone knows what it is like and what the struggles for some children are.”

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