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News-writing: Neighbour Interview

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Having moved to Dunoon in 1981, ex-police office, Ian Pickering, still enjoys living in the town.

Due to the sudden death of his first wife's father, Ian put in for a transfer from working in Glasgow so he and his wife could move to Dunoon to be closer to her family.

One of the advantages of living in Dunoon was the close-knit of his neighbourhood and the safe reputation of the town. Father to young children, this was an important factor on choosing the location of the house in which he still lives in today.

Ian said: "It was great to have the garden at the back and the access lane meant that the children could play in the back with little harm."

As the young children grew up, there was and still is, a short supply of activities for the children in their teenage years to do.

Having retired as a police officer, Ian opened "Perk-up in 1999 - a coffee shop and fast-food outlet which opens from Monday to Saturday. The popular coffee shop sits 22 people but Ian insists that he's had enough of making coffee and filing rolls and wants to enjoy his retirement properly.

"I think it's run its course and that's why we've put the business up for sale."

As wonderful as Dunoon is, Ian paused and thought about where his ideal holiday destination would be.

"Now that's a difficult one" Ian said. "I would definitely pick somewhere where the weather is fair and I'm near the beach."

Somewhere like Spain or Portugal spring to mind as it seems like the typical Dunoon weather, normally consisting on mainly rain and wind, has put Ian off.

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