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Formula One and Coronavirus

Due to the out-break of Coronavirus, the Formula One 2020 Season has been postponed.

24th March 2020

It was confirmed a few days ago when the organisers of the Azerbaijan GP announced that the race, due to be held on the 7th of June, will be postponed.

It now becomes the eight race to be postponed or cancelled after the Australian, Bahrain, Vietnam, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and Monaco race were postponed. In Monaco's case, there will no race in the Principality this year.

All systems were go ahead of the Australian GP due to be held on the 15th of March - this was despite criticism from a few drivers including Lewis Hamilton. The opening race was then cancelled after it was confirmed that a McLaren team member had contracted coronavirus just hours before practice was due to start in Melbourne.

So what happens to the season of racing?

A statement from F1 Chairman Chase Carey said: "Between Formula 1, the teams and the FIA, working with our key stakeholders, we are planning and fully committed to returning to the track at the earliest opportunity to commence the 2020 season."

"We recognise there is significant potential for additional postponements in currently scheduled events, nonetheless we and our partners fully expect the season to start at some point this summer, with a revised calendar of between 15-18 races."

F1's Managing Director Ross Brawn said: "I think by freeing up the August break, we give ourselves several weekends where we can have a race."

With the new season on hold, and the teams' factories not in operation during the three-week shutdowns, F1's big 2021 regulation changes have been delayed until 2022.

On cost grounds, it has also been decided that the 2020 chassis - yet to be raced this year - will be used again in 2021.

McLaren has confirmed that their switch from Renault to Mercedes is still going ahead despite the lack of racing.

In the meantime, keep safe!

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