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F1: Haas unveil their VF-22 2022 challenger

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

HAAS have become the first Formula One team to reveal pictures of their 2022 challenger through a series of digital renders.


The US based team, who first competed in the sport in 2016, are the first team to reveal details of their 2022 challenger designed to this year's new technical rules.

Haas have been preparing for this year's rule change since the end of 2020 with the team deciding to write-off last season in an effort to maximise the dramatic rule change.

As a result of the team deciding not to upgrade the VF-21 last season, rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin spent the year running at the rear of the field - unable to lift the car at any point into the points.

For the first time in their history as a team in the sport, Haas finished at the bottom of the Constructor's Championship with zero points to show despite competing in all of the 22 race calendar.

Giving fans less than 24 hours notice, Haas released their challenger on Twitter with rendered images showing a glimpse of what the majority of F1 cars will look this season.

However, these images provided by Haas are not exactly representative of the car that will run for the first time in pre-season testing.

The reaction to the digital unveiling of Haas's car has been hugely underwhelming from fans around the globe with many disapointed with the red, white and blue livery.

Haas's Technical Director Simone Resta said that while the design is "dramatically different, the livery of the new entry is an evolution of last year".

In an aim to promote over-taking and closer racing, the new cars this season will feature a ground effect floor, simplified front wing and dramatic rear wing – plus new Pirelli 18-inch tyres.

One of the key elements from the pictures that experts have hinted at just how much Ferrari worked on the new Power Unit.

The Italian team supply Haas and Alfa Romeo with power-units but the relationship between the Scuderia and the American out-fit is far closer than you would typically expect.

Haas buy a lot components from Ferrari as the team do not have the facility to manufacture a number of key parts required to design a Formula One car.

The team hope that they have maximised the rule change and will in effect give them the chance to rise up F1's pecking order.

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