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F1: FIA rule Mercedes DAS system legal after Red Bull protest

Having debuted the innovative design at Pre-Season Testing, Mercedes have continued to use the DAS system and this provoked Red Bull to lodge an official complaint regarding it's legality.

3rd July 2020

After dominating the first two Practice sessions round the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Mercedes have continued to use the system which has been deemed legal until it's ban next year. The FIA considers the Duel-Axis Steering to be legal under the current rules.

Red Bull alleged that DAS breaks the rule on two counts. These counts refer to the Technical Regulations, specifically article 3.8 which refers to aerodynamic influence and article 10.2.3. The Stewards will now decide if the car is legal and they have until the start of FP3 tomorrow to come to a decision. If they find it illegal, Mercedes must remove if from their car while if it's legal, Mercedes may keep it and other teams might try to add their own version to their cars.

The FIA have found the system to still be legal which allows Mercedes to use it for the reminder of the season.

Red Bull have a right to appeal but it's unknown if they will.

This debate is set to rumble on for the rest of the season but now there is more clarity regarding the system.

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